Luna J,

Luna J. (formerly Luna Jamboree) is where Bryan first cut his teeth in the music industry.  The band has been around in some capacity since 2008.  Bryan has released 4 full albums (What Moves You, 2012; Phases, 2016; One Take Cuts from Audio in Motion, 2019; One Take Cuts Vol. 2, 2021), 2 EPs (And Those Seen Dancing, 2014; SMOOVE, 2018), and 5 singles (Fools Gold, 2015; Hooked, 2016; You Say, 2018; Heartbeat, 2019; Don't Wanna Talk About it, 2021) with his various bandmates under the name Luna J.  For 2 years, the band also worked to put out a video every week on their YouTube channel, culminating in 2 albums worth of in studio recordings, and videos of each song (the One Take Cuts albums were born out of these videos).  

The band is still around, and are available for hire; but, Luna is doing far less gigs than in the past.  If you would like to hire the band, feel free to contact Bryan directly.  Luna is a high energy, mostly original music band that has flavors of John Mayer, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  And please check out the links above, and subscribe to the Luna J. YouTube channel for more releases from the band, as well as our Words and Whiskey series.